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Our Courses

Professional Certification Programmes

We offer several professional certification programmes to enable individuals and professionals enhance their careers and businesses.  As the  Platinum Partner of Simplilearn Inc. we offer over 280 professional courses using the Simplilearn Learning management System (LMS). Please visit www.simplilearn.actag.com.ng for further details on how you can benefit from our learning platform..

Global Executive Certificate In Professional Management Consulting

This 6-12 months distance learning/professional contact innovative programme is offered in partnership with CKW UK Ltd. The programme leads to the award of three globally recognized and credible certifications namely CMgr, MCMI and AIC.

Human Resource Excellence (HRE) Standard

Human Resource Excellence® is a carefully designed Standard which assists managers to improve the performance of their organisations through developing excellence in Human Resource and Development.
The success of the vast majority of organisations is dependent on the performance of its people.  Human Resource Excellence® Standard benefits from the principles of the world’s best HR standards & frameworks together with the thinking and experience of many leading academics and management practitioners internationally. The programme is offered in partnership with Optimum Results Inc. 

Catalyst Programme for SME's

CATALYST is a training programme aimed at providing participating SME managers with the necessary skills and knowledge to allow them to develop effective export-focused Growth & Development Plans for their businesses in addition to developing Personal Development Plans for themselves as managers.
The training programme is delivered over a period of 6 months and consists of a pre-programme assessment of knowledge, experience and business performance followed by 9 full day workshops, 5 online mentoring sessions and 2 programme review meetings. This programme can be made flexible subject to the requirements of our clients.
CATALYST won the European Union Training Foundation (ETF) award for SME Development.

Magna Programme

MAGNA (Managers Assisted in Gaining New Abilities) is a new approach to building the knowledge, skills, confidence and abilities of middle & line managers working in your environment. The programme benefits from well tried & tested training methodologies and the expertise of vastly experienced trainers. This programme can be designed to meet your needs, time & budgets.
The key elements of MAGNA include Managing Innovation, Creativity & Thinking, Managing Operations, Managing Budgets, Managing Self, Managing Customers, Managing People, etc.

Study Tours (Local and Foreign)

Our study tours are result oriented while providing a mix of work, study and pleasure. They are delivered to the highest international standards, thereby providing a unique opportunity to build management knowledge, skills and experience in an enjoyable and practical learning environment. Programmes are tailored to best meet the specific needs of each visiting group, each day combines a ‘focused & practical’ learning workshops with a visit to Industry, Business or Government Agency visits together with the week long programme having an appropriate social & cultural dimension.

Building High Performance Teams

One of the most common objectives of a team is to solve a certain problem or problems. It is usually why a team is created. Team members bring a diverse set of skills to the team and this provides a great scenario and the best chance in finding a solution. Because the team is comprised of individuals that bring a unique skill set, it provides the team with a “the whole is greater than its parts” setup which is a valuable tool.
“Any time you think the problem is out there, that very thought is the problem”…..Stephen R. Covey
This training programme teaches and empowers participants to harness the inherent powers in synergy for organizational effectiveness and productivity.

Business Development Master-class    

Business Development Master Class is targeted at individuals and organisations who want to improve on business intelligence, businesses development and performance.
This program equips participants to apply best-in-class soft skills, strategies and tactical practices to excel in the business ecosystem.
Professionals, SME’s and Corporate organisations will find this program invaluable.

Public Speaking Serminar

To succeed in business and life it is necessary to make others see things as you see them. The Public Speaking Seminar equips business leaders, professionals, and other participants with the requisite skills and confidence to wow any audience. Proper deployment of public speaking skills and competences has been found extremely useful in galvanizing the workforce and stakeholders to translate organizational goals to reality.

Getting the Best out of your Staff

CEO’s and indeed business promoters expect the best from their workforce in order to achieve organizational excellence in productivity and profitability.
The “Getting the best from your Staff” programme is targeted at leaders, managers and supervisors. The course equips participants with proven and creative capacities to motivate themselves and their subordinates to achieve more.

Personal Skills Development Programme

The Personal Skills Development Program is a bouquet Programme aimed at equipping business and career-minded professionals to achieve set goals. This value-laden Programme teaches participants how to identify and apply soft skills, business intelligence, operational excellence, competences and capabilities to enhance performance.
Upwardly mobile and next generation business people and career professionals will find this program very useful.

Sales & Marketing Development Programmes

Businesses make money by selling goods and services! In this era of increasing competition and dwindling resources, business operators must sharpen their selling and marketing skills in order to survive and excel.
The Sales & Marketing Training Programme enhances the capacity of participants to sell more in a sustainable manner.

Developing World Class Working Ethics

Work ethic is very important in organisations and to business owners. Recent research identified it as the most difficult trait to find in potential hires. Clearly, work ethic isn’t a thing that shows up in a tidy package, ready to work. Yet the values inherent in it are definable, actionable, time-tested and recognizable. And the good news is that you can teach them.
This training programme identifies and teaches participants the key attributes that together construct the world-class work ethic model that’s so elusive to employers.

Health, Society and Environment  
Sustainable Customer Service Programme  
Business Intelligence Development Programme  
Human Resource Management Training  
High Performance Sales Programme  
Executive/Director Optimization Programme  

Please contact us for these and other courses. Our Courses can be hosted as in-plants in your premises (Onsite) or at any of our training centers (offsite).


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